The UK's most in-depth & advanced gym induction.

What is You Squared?

The path to starting a successful health and fitness journey or breaking into newfound progression starts with acquiring as much accurate information as you can, not just about your body, but about your entire being.
The more information you derive, the more accurate the programme, exercise, a training plan can become and the more efficiently you spend your time during the activity.
Having created the most advanced member journey (YouSquared) induction of any fitness facility, you will get accurate information based on 7 different areas of your health and fitness including body composition testing using the gold standard of body fat testing (COSMED BodPod).
Also, we assess your posture both statically and dynamically, and by implementing a movement screen, we can gauge how well your body is moving. To wrap it up we will take you through a full health and wellbeing questionnaire to hone in on areas of health to work on as well as a metabolic typing review which can be applied to your eating habits immediately. Once we have collated all the information, we then create your integrated programme for you to use.

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