The Winter Restore Programme

Many gym's focus on drawing members in during the start of a new year, but the best way to enhance recovery and healing repair during your time off over the holidays is to introduce an intelligent programme of 'working in' at this crucial time of year.

We've created the perfect process to ensure we get you fully recharged for the new year without having to make an excessive sacrifice during this time.  

Taking a membership with GSquared and undergoing our Winter Restore Programme, we guarantee you'll create a more impactful recovery for yourself over the Xmas holidays and give yourself a long run-up to starting 2022 stronger.





1. Allostatic Load Review
We start with an 'allostatic load' review, in which we identify stress coming into your body from any one of six sources that your body has to cope with each day. Once we know this, we can give accurate and measurable protocols.


2. Corrective Programme
A gentle but effective corrective programme to help align, correct and enhance posture, thereby reducing inflammation, pain and stress on the joints, in particular, the spine, and improving running gait, stance, sitting and standing posture and quality of life.


3. Working 'In.'
Part 3 is the 'working in' programme that helps build energy (yin) into your body. These are a simple set of movements performed slowly with breathing to help charge the body up and pull you into a "parasympathetic" state. Being in this state will expedite the healing within your body, boost your immunity, give you the best chance of avoiding the holiday flu/cold that robs you of your time off and put you into a more creative mindset.


4. Repletion of depleted cells
We will provide specific supplementation protocols that give a precise response and impact on the body for this time of year. Certain nutrients will be deficient in your system, and replete using supplementation will be the quickest way to fill the void.


5. HPA Dysfunction review and protocols
Hypo-Thalamic Pituitary Axis (HPA) is the whole terminology for the catabolic, damaging and suppressing nature of a stressed, overworked or depleted state. Typically, you may shift from a 'stressed and wired' state to a 'stressed and tired' state. We can then instruct you on balancing protocols to recover and repair by taking you through an assessment. This is important for you to ensure optimal healing, strong immunity, lymphatic drainage, muscle-sparing and optimal hormonal balance.  

Powerful yet gentle, this programme is included within your GSquared membership and will set you on the right path to having an incredible new year.  


Let's meet over coffee and talk about your health. We'll cover all aspects surrounding how the GSquared Winter Restore Programme will improve your sense of wellbeing, productivity, and energy levels in advance of the New Year.

In the process, we'll save you the time, money and worry that comes hand in hand with sub-optimal health.

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