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The GSquared Experience
Online Fitness Training Programme

Learn about the human form as you exercise, transform your lifestyle and find your optimal wellbeing and fitness levels. A holistic fitness training programme that will rejuvenate how you see not only fitness and nutrition, but your everyday habits and mental health too. Treat your body well, and it will treat you well in return.

Transform Your Mind & Body

GSquared Experience introduces many different elements into your regime that will dramatically enhance the way you look, feel, move and think. This is not your average fitness programme by any means. We take you way beyond the realm of just exercising. Think deeper with our enlightening insights.

Reform Your Nutrition Habits

Our holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing encompasses a variety of elements. Nutrition is perhaps the most significant of them all. Learn our scientific nutritional insights during the GSquared Experience and you'll find a whole new lease on life - from transforming your eating habits alone.

See Impressive Results

We don't promise results, we deliver them. Our 12 week Experience guides you through 6 full fitness programmes with succinct videos to train along with. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain or simply just to feel healthier or enjoy more energy, this powerful course does it all.

Experience it all Online

Enhancing our accessibility efforts, the GSquared Experience is entirely online-based, and can be completed with or without exercise equipment use. Find the means to a whole new lifestyle from anywhere in the world; but most importantly, from the comfort of your own home.

6 home workout programmes. 12 video training sessions. 15 hours of content. £6 per week.

The Transformation of Transformation Programmes that ensures you pick up long term changes that completely revamp your lifestyle - should you wish to let them to. Our memorable fitness programme ensures you keep on track with your newfound holistic health, fitness and wellbeing habits long after the training programme is over, and we're entirely sure you won't want to look back anyway. Alongside the points mentioned above, exercise worksheets and supporting documents are also provided as part of the fitness training programme, as well as exclusive lists of fitness suppliers for you to benefit from.


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"Officially the most powerful online transformation programme available in 2021."

In this short video, you'll see snippets of the GSquared Experience and an introduction to Andy McGlynn, your coach and nutritionist throughout the programme. As the CEO of GSquared Health Clubs, Andy is one of the most knowledgeable personal trainers around. Having worked within countless fitness facilities in various cities, the sheer amount of coaching, health and wellbeing information he picked up along the way - through both firsthand experience and study or discussions with peers - is impressive. One of the most renowned personal trainers out there, Andy's years of expertise in fitness training have led to this pivotal point: the GSquared Experience training programme.

This past year, accessibility in exercise was absolutely essential at a time when many can't access even the gyms, and the GSquared Experience has therefore been of monumental benefit to those who found they were struggling to exercise frequently enough or keep themselves motivated to stay fit due to over a year of seemingly never-ending lockdowns. Having a course so readily available to complete at home from online undoubtedly makes this one of the best holistic fitness training programmes out there. A definite one of a kind.


Fully online  ●  Free for GSquared Members  ●  New content every week

The GSquared Experience

Our Fitness Training Programme Introduction

Week 1 of the GSquared Experience Fitness and Wellbeing Programme introduces you to what you can expect from our powerful 12 week transformation course. During this introductory week, you’ll learn how to do the body fat testing techniques you can use at home to determine body composition.


Understanding your body composition involves working out the ultimate balance between body fat, muscle tissue and other mass percentages, including your organs and bones. Those with a lower body fat percentage once body composition is determined are deemed to be healthier, though with our holistic approach to health and fitness we know this is not always the case. It takes much more than a healthy amount of weight loss to acquire optimal wellbeing levels. Knowing your body composition helps you track progress and establish tailored health plans once our composition ratio is calculated. This is how you learn to transform your body in a healthy way, and knowing your body composition can help you use the GSquared Experience to your benefit.


Over the duration of our home fitness programme, you’ll learn about some of the lifestyle habits you can change in order to achieve a heightened state of wellbeing and fitness. These will include altering your nutrition and dietary habits through the use of nutritional science and knowledge, becoming able to manage stress adequately through the understanding of stress responses and adjusting accordingly, sleep improvement tips; amongst much more.


We’ll also discuss highly recommended home fitness equipment you can use throughout our home training exercises. You’ll also benefit from being able to use this fitness training equipment as you continue past our exercise workout videos, using them to continue with the beneficial lifestyle updates you’ll make in relation to your at home exercise habits during the GSquared Experience.


Some of the home fitness equipment you may want to consider purchasing for use over the remainder of the course includes:

  • Foam Roller
  • Swiss ball
  • Dyna-band
  • TRX / Rip60
  • Theragun
  • Calipers - We will perform the Jackson & Pollock skin fold test and include the equation sheet


Home Fitness Programme: (Week 1 & 2)

Gentle zone exercises for parasympathetic conditioning.

Parasympathetic conditioning is based on the autonomic (or involuntary) nervous system, which has two sides. The “fight or flight” response comes from the adrenaline rush driven by the sympathetic nervous system… So, what’s the parasympathetic nervous system? Exactly the opposite. We call it “rest and digest"⁠⁠

Parasympathetic conditioning, then, is the process of training the body to maintain its calm, homeostatic state. This process enhances the ability to sustain the body’s natural balance during intense exercise.

Nutritional Health and Wellbeing

In week 2, we’ll go over the fitness and health questionnaires that will be used throughout the GSquared Experience. We’ll review these at the end of the programme so you can see just how much your wellbeing has improved via nutrition and fitness.


This week, you’ll learn the nutritional foundations of enhancing overall health. We know nutrition is key to unlocking your best form – and natural nutrition is the best way to feed the soul. These guidelines should inspire you to implement lasting dietary changes from the start of our training programme. Despite how nutrition and fitness are essential in maintaining health, there are medical issues that lead to vitamin deficiencies. We’ll cover all you need to know about the most common vitamin deficiencies, including:


  • Iron – Deficiencies in this mineral cause anaemia and fatigue. Eat red meats or iron loaded veg, spinach and kale, and cereals. ⁠⁠
  • Magnesium – A lack of magnesium causes decreased energy, and reduced muscle and nerve function. Eat bright green vegetables, whole grains, or make the most of our high quality Magnesium supplements.
  • Vitamin D - Deficiencies in vitamin D can lead to muscle aches, bone issues (osteoporosis) and diminished immune system health. Eat oily fish, fortified snacks. Most people should take Vitamin D supplements, as we can't naturally produce enough without sunlight.
  • Calcium - the bone nutrient. Calcium deficiencies can cause damage to the teeth and bones.


It’s also essential that we teach you about metabolic typing here. Metabolic typing makes sense in that it understands how everybody’s metabolisms work differently due to genetics. Our metabolism is responsible for the biochemical activities that transform calories in foods into energy for our bodies to expend. Energy is spent through both voluntary processes (such as exercise and moving around) and involuntary processes necessary for survival, such as breathing, food digestion, and waste elimination. We all have a variable rate at which metabolism occurs, and those with a faster metabolic rate will expend energy and therefore also lose weight faster than those with a slow metabolism.


We eat more calories than our bodies need for those basic functions so that we have enough energy to exercise, move and enjoy life. Those with faster metabolisms will find themselves burning through calories much quicker, thus requiring extra food energy to sustain activities like exercise for longer. Alongside this, there are the three types of metabolism to understand. We’ll outline them this week; endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph. Each metabolic typing group metabolises their calories at a different rate, some being slow and some being fast metabolisers. The foods you crave, as well as some elements of our personalities and temperament, are linked to our metabolic typing. As we show you how to determine your metabolic type, you’ll learn which food groups are best for you if your goal is to lose weight or have more lean body mass.


Energy, mood, strength, health. It all starts with nutrition.⁠⁠

Gut Health & How to Improve Posture

Week 3 of our home training programme discusses gut health. When our gut health is suffering, it can leave us impatiently waiting for unpleasant digestive issues and symptoms from conditions such as IBS to disappear. Gut health also works in much more subtle ways, and it has an impact on elements we don't even consider. The reality is that our gut health plays a substantial role in our overall wellbeing, determining everything from our skin health to energy levels.


Only recently have we discovered the importance of gut health in managing our wellbeing, say the last 2 decades or so. Turns out, the bacteria in our intestines can be vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.⁠⁠ The gut microbiome is fuelled by what we choose to eat, and each food absorbed can have a varying impact on the body’s response. During week 3 of our home training programme, we teach you how to overcome IBS symptoms, how to improve gut health and how to improve digestion.


Home Fitness Programme: (Week 3 & 4)

We show you how structure and form is everything when it comes to exercise, as the foundations behind how your body moves are necessary to understand in fitness.⁠⁠ Building the structural integrity that balances your entire body out from the core, our week 3 & 4 home training exercises will teach you how to improve your posture.


Our bodies are based around the spine, and it's from here that our core structural balance and stability is controlled. You can assess your own structural integrity at home (without an individualised postural assessment), so this week shows you how to correct common imbalances that stem from the body's centre and improve your posture with exercise. These can lead to aesthetic improvements. Some postural issues that can lead to us naturally falling into a hunched over pose can be corrected via the posture improving exercises that we demonstrate, while others may have to be carefully re-trained over time.


Improving your posture at this stage is a great step, since bad posture leads to aches and pains, particularly in the neck and back areas. Recovering your posture from the weakened stature it may have fallen into due to work, natural deterioration as we age, or other factors such as injury, can really enhance your overall life quality as these chronic pains quite central to the body are eliminated.

Enhancing Your Nutritional Knowledge

Week 4 of our GSquared Experience programme looks at how we can use nature’s preventative and healing medicines for our benefit. 80% of people on the planet depend on medicinal herbs and plants for the healing of their everyday ailments, so why aren’t we doing more to increase herbal nutrition efforts?⁠


Herbal teas are central to this, as the polyphenolic compounds like carotenoids found in herbal teas have excellent antioxidising properties. There are also certain compounds that are exclusively found in herbal tea alone. For example, Rooibos tea is the only naturally occurring provider of antioxidant aspalathin. Researchers have found this may help decrease the risk and symptoms of diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels.⁠⁠ Many studies support the existence of antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective benefits that are in various herbal teas.⁠⁠⁠


This week will also teach you how to adjust your macros with ease. But what are macros?⁠⁠ Macros are macronutrients. They're the nutrients that give us energy, and include proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.⁠ You might hear us talk about 'counting your macros' - this simply involves counting the grams of macronutrients you're consuming throughout the day.⁠⁠ We can't give everyone the same recommendation as to how many macros they should consume. It varies depending on age, diet, fitness levels and your weight. It also depends on the outcome you're looking to gain by following a carefully structured diet.⁠⁠


Alongside this, food intolerances and meal timings are discussed. Food intolerances lead to a variety of highly unpleasant symptoms and even flare-ups of inflammatory responses. These food intolerances can end up becoming visible as issues with our skin and bloating continue to increase in prominence over time. You might not realise you have a food intolerance at all, though the reality is that most people are intolerant to dairy products. As food tolerances were previously ignored quite often in contemporary society, we have seen a recent surge in the number of people following free from diets – with good reason. The build-up of eating foods our bodies are actually intolerant to causes damage to the linings of our intestines, thus resulting in our diminished ability to absorb nutrients from all foods. This can cause severe complications with malnourishment and other health issues.

Balance and Stability

Programme update - 3rd programme

Home Fitness Programme: (Week 5 & 6)

Everyone has a different gait, different balancing abilities, and altogether varied postures and levels of structural integrity.⁠⁠ Now we’ve been over the ways to improve your posture through exercise back in week 3 of our home training programme, it’s time to think about how you can improve gait and body stability. You’ll learn all about dynamic and static stability and how they aid us as we exercise and in our everyday lives.


Dynamic stability within exercise is often essential as it means we can run, walk, and exercise without the risk of falling.⁠⁠ Stability while we remain static is important for yoga and exercise stretching, which are vital in ensuring we don't cause harm to our muscles and joints when exercising.⁠⁠


We’ll provide you with exercises that help you maintain and challenge your balancing abilities at home.⁠⁠ Maintaining balance, particularly as we age, is instrumental in being able to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. Many elderly people suffer premature deaths, due to their inability to balance effectively which can lead to falls. If you work on refining your balancing abilities over time, you can often avoid some of the deterioration in balancing abilities that starts to happen as we reach age 40 or 50.


In turn, these improvements to body stability also help you improve gait; walking gait and running gait. Improving your body stability and understanding how to improve gait will allow you to enhance your strength endurance abilities over time, expanding the range of exercises you can do properly. These include skiing, surfing, horse riding, gymnastics, baseball; and any other sports or activities that require dynamic balance and body stability.

Stress Management Techniques

Stress can lead to an array of health problems, some of which we won't even realise are associated with those feelings of tension.⁠⁠ Many people don’t know how to reduce stress properly, and they continue to experience high levels of stress due to a number of reasons. Stress leads to adrenal imbalances, as an influx of cortisol (the stress hormone) is released. Overexertion of the adrenals as the result of too much excess stress can lead to adrenal fatigue, where the body no longer produces enough cortisol in response to situations.⁠⁠ This can lead to brain fog, as well as a multitude of other symptoms, from a less effective immune system, to poor mood regulation and reduced stress management abilities. That's why it's so essential to recognise when we're stressed, and work on bringing our body back to a state of calm.⁠⁠


Week 6 of the Experience programme talks about stress management and how to reduce stress in our lives. You’ll learn how to first identify the signs of stress, and the signs of being “stressed and tired” vs. the signs of being “stressed and wired,” as well as the stress management solutions you can use to combat each of these sensations. We’ll teach you how to assess for adrenal imbalances and how to overcome them, by following the protocols that guide the adrenals back to optimal health.


We’ll show you how to reduce stress through breathing patterns and movement, teaching you specific exercises designed to help you reduce stress levels in the body. This week will leave you with lasting lifestyle changes that you’ll continue to implement in your everyday life, helping general stress management.

Movement Pattern Conditioning

Programme update - 4th programme

Home Fitness Programme: (Week 7 & 8)

Fitness is all about movement and the ability to move safely and effectively. 7 Functional Movement Pattern Conditioning is covered in week 6 of the GSquared Experience programme.⁠⁠ After we've enhanced our posture and balance, movement pattern conditioning looks at the 7 functional movement patterns within the body and how they work. The 7 movements are pull, push, rotate, gait, squat, lunge and hinge. As these are the basic 7 types of movements our bodies can do, essentially all exercise routines and movements are just combinations of these actions. Once you master the form of doing each one, you’ll be able to do many exercise movements with relative ease; and you’ll also have learned how to avoid injury while exercising.


Movement pattern conditioning the 7 functional movement patterns helps with correcting alignment, which can improve the use of muscles as our muscular and skeletal systems communicate via nerve signals. It can reduce aches and pains by eliminating cumulative injury cycles from the body.⁠⁠ We add 7 functional movement pattern conditioning to our GSquared Experience training programme as we want you to understand and improve the anatomical systems that are linked to your fitness ability, rather than just providing you with fitness exercises to do alone (though those are important)!

Healthier Snacking Habits

Week 8 of the training programme looks to the better methods of snacking for those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Snacking is something we all do from time to time, and it isn’t necessarily unhealthy – unless the foods you snack on are. We cover a range of innovative and healthy snacks that make great nutritional food additions to your diet. We know health food snacking can seem boring quickly, so we look at new healthy snacks that are interesting to make and eat.

The Remedy Kitchen, nutritional food meal prep service and healthy restaurant in Manchester, provide us with insights regarding each snack. This includes a brief overview of each snack option, where to source the ingredients, how to make the recipes, and the health and nutritional benefits of the ingredients within these innovative snacks.

Whether you're a vegan following a plant based diet, a vegetarian, pescatarian or meat lover, The Remedy Kitchen caters for everybody. On top of this, each one of their dishes follows their 'free from' promise. All recipes are 100% free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, as well as processed ingredients and inflammatories.⁠⁠ You can try their delicious, hearty meals full of highly nutritional ingredients by ordering meal prep dishes to enjoy at home. You can also book in now to secure a meal at their casual dining restaurant café in the heart of Manchester, located right next to the GSquared Health Club.

Strength Endurance

Programme update - 5th programme

Home Fitness Programme: (Week 9 & 10)

This week, you have the option to choose between exercises with equipment and without equipment. The two programmes to choose from based on your equipment availability now look to enhance strength endurance, caloric expenditure, tone and cellular adaptation of the entire body.

This incorporates all of the progressions we've made so far throughout the previous 4 programmes in the GSquared Experience.


Strength endurance training is a great way to build up muscle mass and determine just how strong your muscles are; and what they can withstand in terms of repetition. The repetitive strength endurance exercises we train you on at this point will have been enhanced by the 7 functional movement stage of the Experience, where we engaged in movement pattern conditioning exercises back in Weeks 7 & 8. Having conditioned your body to allow for these repetitive movements that are so central to strength endurance training, you'll now be able to progress through this part of the home fitness course without any cumulative injuries. While strength endurance training is often dependent on the exercise equipment you have available, it can always be done at home with very little. The beauty in teaching you these strength endurance exercises via video is that you'll remember them for years to come, and can eventually use them to your advantage in the gym or health club for years down the line.


Caloric expenditure is the amount of calories burned during a set period of time as we're completing an exercise activity. The longer and more difficult or intensive the exercises become, the higher the energy expenditure is. This is due to how more vigorous exercises use more muscle groups, and also end up working harder than with gentle exercises.


Toning the body involves doing exercises designed to strengthen the muscles, thus making them more visible and leading to a leaner appearance. Using a combination of muscle building exercises and cardio will help you both burn fat and strengthen the muscles, making them more defined at the end of the programme.


Cellular adaptation is the way our cells can change in response to certain stimuli. There are 5 main types of cellular adaptation, each of which results in a different outcome. These are atrophy, hypertrophy, hyperplasia, dysplasia and metaplasia. Cellular adaptation allows our bodies to become more accustomed to certain types of exercises, making them easier to perform over time.

Holistic Pain Solutions

While the primary approach of many overworked and underfunded doctors is to hastily prescribe strong pain medications to those experiencing problems with chronic pain, we prefer to take the holistic route. This is because pain medications are often addictive, and obviously do not solve the root cause of the pain itself. This leaves many wondering where the end is when it comes to prescription medications - if the cause of the issue was never solved, when does taking the medications stop? These medications often also come with a variety of side effects that wreak havoc on our ability to carry out everyday activities. Feeling nauseous, having an impaired ability to drive due to dizziness and brain fog, and fatigue are all common side effects of stronger pain medications.

Wherever you may have discomfort, we take a look at the variety of products, health supplements and methods you can use to alleviate lower back pain, shoulder, ankle or knee pain, and indeed any other areas you find inflammation within the body.

Sleep Hygiene & Toning into Shape 

Week 11 of the training programme covers how to improve sleep hygiene. Feeling groggy, lacking in focus, and the emotional toll of sleep deprivation result in almost all areas of our lives becoming somewhat miserable… 67% of adults in the UK experience these effects on a daily basis, as they suffer with disruptive sleep patterns.⁠⁠ 23% also only sleep for 5 hours each night. Over time, sleep deprivation increases the risk of developing serious medical conditions, shortening life expectancy. For optimum sleep health, we need at least 7 hours of undisrupted sleep at night.

Insomnia and lack of sleep cause a range of unpleasant symptoms:

  • Psychological risks, such as hallucinations and depression.⁠⁠
  • Diabetes. Lack of sleep means your body can't release insulin effectively after food.⁠⁠
  • Limited production of growth hormones, which are necessary for gaining muscle and restoring cells.⁠⁠
  • Severely reduced physical health, as insomniacs may lack the energy to function even on a basic level.⁠⁠
  • The increased risk of developing more serious illnesses further down the line.

Exercise is one of the best ways you can enhance your sleep hygiene.⁠⁠ Sleep hygiene is just as important as nutrition, as we work towards keeping our bodies in shape with fitness and exercise. The reality is - we won't have the energy to feed ourselves well or work out properly without enough sleep.⁠⁠ It’s a bit of a double edged sword, as keeping fit is frequently cited by experts as a way to drastically improve sleep hygiene.

  • Aerobic exercise induces sedative effects similar to those associated with sleeping pills⁠⁠
  • Exercise can reduce sleep apnoea, and not just due to its weight loss boosting benefits⁠⁠
  • Researchers have used sleep quality as an accurate way to predict exercise levels during the day⁠⁠
  • A lack of exercise increases the risk of insomnia, sleep apnoea and restless leg syndrome⁠⁠


Programme update - 6th & final programme (optional)

Home Fitness Programme: (Week 11 & 12)

Toning, shaping and cellular adaptation exercises are provided this week. You may stay also with the Strength Endurance programme for a further 3 weeks. Or, you can now progress with a 3 Day Split, where we start to incorporate more volume into exercising each body part. This means going deeper into specific cellular adaptations. There will be a choice of body / no equipment and equipment based programmes to choose from.

Final Week Assessments

Reassessment of your Health Questionnaire and where to go from here.

Learn from the best in personal training. 20 years of information surrounding the human form, delivered in just 12 powerful weeks.

The GSquared Experience is a total lifestyle transformation for those of all fitness abilities, levels and ages. Lead a super-charged life with insights that have been extensively refined over 20 years of experience in the fitness, nutrition, and personal training industries.

Online based and centred around our deep understanding for exercise and fitness, nutrition and health boosting remedies, this home lifestyle and exercise programme is the ideal way to transform into a healthier you.

Our effective training programme is compatible with all devices. Transform your health and wellbeing from the comfort of your own home, with or without the use of fitness equipment.


Fully online  ●  Free for GSquared Members  ●  New content every week

6 progressive home exercise programmes

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A walkthrough of every fitness programme

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