A place where opulence meets innovation. 

With uncompromising levels of detail, obsessive interior design, a powerful member journey which transcends anything previously experienced within a fitness facility, we have essentially taken the concept and understanding of what a ‘gym’ is, and we’ve squared it.  Along with all the standard equipment you’d expect from a fitness facility, you’ll find some unique additions; 
Within the gym space the first that will strike you is the two-lane running track that wraps around the centre of the gym with the 20metre sled track running through the middle. 
The prominent feature in the corner is a traversing wall that can be used in isolation or as part of the indoor functional assault course. 
Within the health club, we’ve included Infra-Red Sauna’s to both changing rooms for the best possible health benefits to be derived from such a facility.  
 COSMED’s BodPod is situated in the treatment room space within the facility.  There are numerous ways of testing for body composition / body fat, with Bio-Impedance being the least accurate, to the standard practice of skin fold calliper testing in most gyms and PT Studios, and further up the chain within more applied settings Hydro-Static underwater weighing is considerably accurate but impractical for most gym’s.  However with the advancement of technology, the gold standard of body composition testing known as Dexa Scanning is now matched by a smaller and more practical piece of equipment known as the BodPod.  This device will give you body fat %, muscle mass and lung volume.  This enhancement in accurate data avoids the ‘user error’ of skin fold testing and forms a picture of absolute accuracy and consistency.