Our corporate wellbeing packages offer peace of mind to employers and employees alike. We offer a quantitative test that provides factual results about the level of health and wellbeing of each of your employees. The imperative nature of this non-invasive testing is linked to the risk of ‘time out of the business,’ due to symptoms and conditions associated with adrenal dysregulation, which is often colloquially referred to as stress.



The Benefits of Our Corporate Wellbeing Package for Your Business

This is a tangible and measurable investment that your company can put in place for its employees, no matter how many individuals you would like to involve in the corporate wellbeing programme. We work to determine how optimal health and wellness can be achieved through both clinical nutrition and functional diagnostic testing. This in-depth and scientifically accurate type of corporate wellbeing examination is a first for corporate establishments.

You'll witness enhanced performance and productivity from employees. We provide you with crucial, but simple, adjustments that will improve their quality of life, energy levels, mental and physical performance and further buy-in to the company, thus increasing employee engagement with your business and prompting higher quality work.

Your business will save money. This is due to the enhanced fitness and health levels your workforce will have once our health-improving recommendations are adhered to. This reduces the incidence of potential key people taking time off work, thus saving money on sick pay. You'll also cut down on the costs associated with having the ill individual's workload being covered by another employee.

An Excellent Return on Investment


  • Reducing time spent sick by employees as they take heed of the simple lifestyle-altering recommendations that are determined by the results of their corporate wellbeing examination. This means you'll save money on sick pay, and your employees will thank you for it too.
  • You'll save money on the costs of having another employee take on the workload of an ill or absent employee.
  • You will benefit from enhanced employee engagement with your company, as the understanding that you truly care for their health and wellbeing engenders a positive attitude towards corporate management.
  • Since our lifestyle, nutrition and fitness recommendations are backed by the scientific examination results within our corporate wellbeing programme, they really do work.
  • This means your workforce will be grateful for your decision to enrol them in the programme. It's highly unlikely that they would ever receive this test elsewhere - our testing technology is rarely used to determine the health of employees, yet it does so with outstanding levels of accuracy. We are the first health club offering anywhere near this kind of service for businesses.
  • A happier workforce means a more productive workforce, as employees tend to perform better when they're leading well-balanced lives.

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