GSquared Manchester

Our home city, this is where GSquared first started. With the recent growth of Manchester on an explosive level it made perfect sense to roll out our first site to cater for the increased demand of the city as well as the growing involvement of people engaged in memberships. Our first location is the iconic Royal Exchange Arcade in St Anne’s Square, with a further 2 sites now agreed and going through planning in the City. GSquared is Manchester’s first high-end, open gym facility. Our first location is situated in the M2 postcode with the 2nd location planned for M1.

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GSquared Leeds

Another City within the Northern Powerhouse, and we have long since been fans of the vibrancy, energy and style of this City. A real heavyweight in commerce and having recently landed major contracts from London, the city is in the strongest position ever. As with all our locations, our Leeds facility is based in the heart of the city in the LS1 postcode.

GSquared Newcastle

As a growing city with a vibrant and energetic centre, we wanted to be involved in the continued growth of this incredible northern city. Bringing GSquared to Newcastle has been a long term desire and decision for us and we are now finally delighted to be introducing the entire GSquared Group with both the Health Club and the Education and Research Department to also help train, mentor and develop the next generation of aspiring fitness professionals. Our Newcastle location will be situated in the NE1 part of the City.

GSquared Birmingham

With many contacts, friends and partnerships in Birmingham we are looking forward to reconnecting those fitness connections with our forthcoming Birmingham location. As a City with great commerce and many notable landmarks and a tonne of history, we are proud to be bringing the GSquared concept in the form of our health club and the education and research department to help support, train and mentor the fitness professionals wishing to make a career for themselves. Our location is due to be situated in the B1 area of the city.

GSquared Edinburgh

As the capital city of Scotland, steeped in history and heritage we had to choose Edinburgh as one of the key locations to roll out in to. With our first initial site in the city of Edinburgh, we feel that a second location could be imminent given the uniqueness of GSquared Clubs in the city. Our Edinburgh location is situated in the EH1 part of the city.

GSquared Glasgow

With previous experience of operating in Glasgow, our team were passionate to return to Glasgow given the growing fitness culture and the energy of the city. Located in the G2 area of the city.

GSquared Liverpool

The energy and vibrancy of Liverpool as a city known for its tourist attraction is rapidly bolstering its commercial prowess and we wanted GSquared to be involved in that growth by bringing our high-end facility in to the heart of the city as it continues to expand. Our GSquared location is situated in the L3 area of the City.