Welcome to G2, one of the most advanced gym's in the world and truly the future of health and fitness.  
A place where opulence meets innovation.  
No gym or health club has achieved this standard until now. GSquared is the first commercial gym to house a 'bodpod' body composition machine, with an entire facility benefiting from a clean air system making it the cleanest air anywhere in the City.

At GSquared, we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading gym and health club groups. This is where opulence meets innovation, and a place where this innovation works to improve the wellbeing of each and every one of our valued health club members. We expertly combine both luxury and health into an unforgettable experience for our members, a unique combination of qualities that are further enhanced by our use of technology and fitness equipment.

With the clever use of light and audio, we have given the gym energy and atmosphere within the high-intensity areas. Within our holistic and calming studio space, you will be blown away with just how opulent, immaculate, and special the space is.  
All the resistance equipment is supplied by Watson Strength, and our cables by Freemotion Fitness, two majorly respected brands with the highest levels of engineering possible.
The free weight area is substantial enough in size to accommodate a club membership over 3000 members, but all our facilities are limited to 800, meaning that you'll never wait for equipment.  
COSMED's Bod Pod machine is our body composition tool, with an accuracy on par with Hydro-Static weighing, which, unlike BodPod, is an invasive but very efficient form of body fat testing. The BodPod is very quick and immediate and is less invasive than the current standard of testing that gyms tend to offer, notably skinfold calliper testing and bio-impedance which respectively have a high user error factor and inconsistency in repeat readings.
More Than Just a Gym
It's one thing to create a stunning fitness facility, but we've added substance by infusing innovation and our endlessly high service standards into the mix. Taking all the enlightenments and experiences we've picked up on from our years of dedication to the fitness industry as a whole, we wanted to develop our strengths from the recurring issues that we have found frequently let members down.
Join GSquared Health Clubs where extraordinary is our standard.

As you turn the corner from reception and head into the most innovative training space on the planet, you will see a lot of old favourites as well as some very functional and innovative additions.
Within the 10,000 Sq ft of training space, we've built an indoor running track, 20-metre sled track, a cv zone that we endearingly refer to as the 'CV garden'.  
Along the left side of the gym is our GSquared indoor assault course challenge. Should you wish to take the challenge and time yourself we will give you some guidance on each obstacle, and the rest is down to you, it will take you through our Performance Room which we will keep as a surprise for now.
With uncompromising levels of detail, obsessive interior design, a powerful member journey which transcends anything previously experienced within a fitness facility, we have essentially taken the concept and understanding of what a 'gym' is, and we've squared it…
The incredible design of our health clubs is rivalled only by the customer service, end product and cutting-edge information delivered through "You Squared", the 7 step member journey.
We are about helping you feel good, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We recognise the demands you'll have on you, and that fitting a 'work out' in isn't always achievable. It may be that we advise you to 'work in' as opposed to working out, or it may be that you wish to use your visit to GSquared to escape the world for an hour or so.

The BodPod Machine

Our scientific approach to fitness is enhanced with the use of our innately innovative BodPod machine. As the first and only commercial gym to use the BodPod within its range of fitness facilities, GSquared members are just a few of those with the priviledge of benefitting from the cutting-edge technology this future-esque machine provides. The BodPod is our body composition tool, a quick, non-invasive, and exceptionally accurate form of body composition testing. The BodPod test results show us your body fat and muscle percentage, fitness level, amongst other previously unverifiable statistics concerning your health and fitness. This allows us to gather an extremely accurate depiction of your overall wellbeing, aiding us in formulating the highly individualised fitness plan you’ll undergo as a valued member with us.

The BodPod is truly a state-of-the-art device, yet it boasts an elegant level of simplicity in terms of the seamlessness experienced by those who use it. A full test takes as little as five minutes, only two of which take place within the pod. It is proven to be entirely more meticulous and accurate in gauging a true representation of your fitness levels, particularly when compared to other body-fat tests, such as the Pollock skin-fold test. Utilising the world’s first Air Displacement Plethysmography (ADP) system, the BodPod uses scientific and remarkably innovative techniques to determine your body’s unique composition.


The BodPod’s job is essentially to measure air and volume. Because of this, it is important that when you choose to participate in a test, you wear minimal and form-fitting clothing as well as a hair cap. This ensures your test is as accurate as possible. Clothes such as a spandex swimsuit or shorts, sports bras, and swim caps are the optimal uniform as you step inside the BodPod. Though the equipment is non-invasive and an absolute breeze to use; these guidelines are there because anything that is compressible, such as clothing or even hair, will create air within the machine and in turn, affect the results.

The COSMED BodPod intertwines together both the impressive advances within science that we’re making in the field of health and fitness, with the stunning element of undeniable luxury that you’ll find within every corner of our health clubs. It is a steadfast reminder of our utmost dedication to the GSquared promise in combining science and innovation with sublime opulence wherever possible.

The YouSquared Journey

Our inductions are not just a typical walk around the gym. As you join us as a member at GSquared, you'll gain much more than just access to our innovative gym technology. You'll embark upon the YouSquared process, an exclusive journey that will see you through

Throughout the 7 step induction process, we'll guide you through a number of stages that will determine your health and wellbeing levels, as well as introducing you to our fitness technology. We take you on an immersive journey that provides both you and our team with a powerful and enlightening experience that sets the parameter for our ongoing relationship as health club and health-ee. Our members will first have the opportunity to use high-tech equipment such as our BodPod upon their induction, which has now been uplifted to form the unique experience that is our new 'Ultimate Welcome'. Your BodPod results allow us to give you the best gym experience possible, something that we revel in being able to achieve, while also enhancing your confidence in gaining a greater understanding of your body, health and wellbeing.


More than just a gym.

G2 is your home away from home, your 2nd office, your space to let go, get inspired, train your body, relax your mind, power nap, grab a smoothie, feel supported, feel valued.