Welcome to G2, one of the most advanced gyms in the world. Our groundbreaking health clubs are truly the future of health and fitness.
A place where opulence meets innovation.  
No gym or health club has achieved this standard until now. Take a breath of fresh air in a literal sense, as clean air technology enriches the space with the purest air in the city. Extraordinary as standard.

At GSquared, we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading gym and health club groups. This is where opulence meets innovation, and a place where this innovation works to improve the wellbeing of each and every one of our valued health club members.

Our holistic approach to fitness takes into account every facet of our lifestyles in determining exactly how we can achieve peak health and wellbeing.

We expertly combine both luxury and health into an unforgettable experience for our members, a unique combination of qualities that are further enhanced by our use of technology and fitness equipment.

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With the clever use of light and audio, we have given the gym a purposeful energy and atmosphere within the high-intensity areas. Once inside our holistic and calming studio space, you will be blown away with just how immaculately opulent and unique the space is. Each space is carefully engineered to serve its purpose flawlessly.
All the resistance equipment is supplied by Watson Strength, and our cables by Freemotion Fitness, two majorly respected brands with the highest levels of engineering possible.
The free weight area is substantial enough in size to accommodate a club membership of over 3000 members. Despite this, all our facilities are limited to just 800, meaning that you'll never wait for equipment.
More Than Just a Gym
It's one thing to create a stunning fitness facility, but we've added substance to the mix. We've achieved this by infusing fitness innovation with endlessly high service standards, informed by our decades of experience. We've taken the collective disappointments we've endured from gyms over the years, putting a positive spin on them. We have turned them into enlightening experiences that have ultimately been a positive thing. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to make GSquared into the space that it is - as our sophisticated approach turns each dissatisfaction on its head, doing exactly the opposite. We've unpicked these learnings from our years of dedication to the fitness industry, developing our strengths on the shortcomings of other health club experiences.
Join GSquared Health Clubs, where extraordinary is our standard.

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As you turn the corner from reception and head into the most innovative training space on the planet, you will see a lot of old favourites as well as our immensely functional and innovative additions.
Within the 10,000 square foot training space we've built an indoor running track, a 20-metre sled track, and a cardiovascular zone that we endearingly refer to as the 'CV garden'. Amongst these, you'll find a world of other fitness spaces and opportunities as you find yourself moving from strength to strength - physically and mentally.
Along the left side of the gym is the GSquared indoor assault course. Should you wish to take a challenge and time yourself, we will give you some guidance on each obstacle, and the rest is down to you. This leads you through to our Performance Room, a space we'll keep as a surprise for now.
With uncompromising levels of detail, an obsessive eye for interior design, and a powerful member journey that transcends anything previously experienced within a fitness facility, we have essentially taken the concept and understanding of what a 'gym' is, and we've squared it.
The incredible design of our health clubs is rivalled only by the customer service, end product and cutting-edge information delivered through "You Squared", our 7 step member journey.
We are dedicated to helping you feel good; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We also recognise the demands of a high achieving lifestyle, and that fitting in a 'work out' isn't always feasible. It may be that we advise you to 'work in' as opposed to working out, or it may be that you wish to use your visit to GSquared to escape the world for an hour or so.

The YouSquared Journey

This is an entirely unique journey that will see you through your luxury gym experience with GSquared Health Clubs.

Throughout this revolutionary 7 step members journey, we'll guide you through a number of stages that will determine your health and wellbeing levels. We'll also introduce you to our fitness technology, a range of the UK's finest gym equipment supplied by the world's leading gym apparatus manufacturers. We take you on an immersive journey that provides both you and our team with a powerful and enlightening experience that sets the parameter for our ongoing relationship as health club and health-ee.

The YouSquared experience is undoubtedly the most in-depth induction programme there is out there. It transcends any previous encounter you've had with a gym or health club before... As will the rest of your time with us at GSquared.


Our Dedication to Your Health and Wellbeing

We don't just leave you there. After your Ultimate Welcome induction experience, we continue to deliver that same unwavering quality of customer service throughout your entire membership. We set the bar high right from your very first introduction to us as a gym, and it simply wouldn't make sense if we dropped the ball at some point along the way.

We know what it's like to be disappointed by a gym, as we've found before that the standard of service usually offered by fitness facilities isn't what we actually think it should be. We believe gyms should do better as standard, offer more, and invest more in their members' health and wellbeing. When compared to other gyms, GSquared isn't actually a gym at all. Nor is it a health club, when compared to other health clubs. It's an entirely novel concept that's propelled by our passion in what we do as fitness professionals. Our Personal Trainers are screened through an intensive 6 stage interview process, while our Fitness Coaches have to make it through 5. They're the best in the industry, as we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our standard of service is made possible due to the decisions we've made throughout every step as we've refined the GSquared Health Club. Our membership numbers are limited, though not by necessity. We choose to limit the amount of members in spite of our 10,000 sq ft space. Only 800 memberships are available, as we have calculated this number to be the precise amount that we can keep up with as we provide each individual with the impeccable level of customer service we're known for. Each member receives four significantly valuable one-on-one conversations with us per year. We're the first gym in the world to offer this standard of sophistication in understanding and evaluating our members' needs. We don't take your health and wellbeing lightly. In the end, your health is a reflection as to how we are doing as a health club. It's in the name.


More than just a gym.

G2 is your home away from home, your space to let go, get inspired, train your body, relax your mind, grab a smoothie, feel supported, feel valued.