Fitness Changes Forever

Coming to Manchester 2020

“Maybe the best workout you could have on a day of high stress is to head in to one of our rest rooms and have a 30-minute nap during lunch, or perhaps just a couple of laps around the running track, a once through on the assault course and a stretch.  Why is it that gyms have never managed to get out of first gear with their operating model when it comes to what we should do at a gym? We are changing that paradigm.” GSQUARED CEO, Andy McGlynn

Why choose us?


The most advanced gym induction in the world, including body composition analysis, spinal alignment, full health & wellbeing analysis, movement screen and personalised fitness programme.


To make health and fitness hard work is misleading. Increased vitality, wellbeing, physical & mental performance doesn't mean getting hot and sweaty is a prerequisite.